About us

It started with one PKU child

When little Felix was born in April 1992, Hans and Brunhilde Huber had never heard of PKU. But that should change quickly! Felix was the third child of a family of friends and was diagnosed with PKU shortly after birth. Brunhilde was to be his godmother.

At this point in time, the range of suitable low-protein foods was still very limited and there was no such thing as sweets for PKU patients at all. Hans Huber, pastry chef by trade, started developing a low-protein chocolate recipe to please Felix and surprised him at Easter 1994 with the first low-protein chocolate bunny. Finally there was something that not only looked like chocolate but tasted like it too!

Through many meetings with other affected persons, which were also organized by the DIG-PKU at that time, the need and the great demand for low-protein foods quickly became clear. Above all, the low-protein chocolate, but also the many newly developed breads, rolls and biscuits were very popular.

We are online – and have been since 1996

After PKU-Versand Huber was officially founded in 1994, the awareness of our products continued to grow. Even then, Hans Huber and Erwin Löser, Felix’s father, recognized the enormous potential of the Internet for those affected by PKU. Due to the enormous rarity of the disease, our products were never of interest to retail chains, which made it extremely difficult for PKU patients to even have access to suitable foods.

We encountered this problem in 1996 with our first online shop. What is completely normal today was still trend-setting at the time, because at that time even the big players in the industry couldn’t offer anything comparable. This is how we reached our first international customers and even back then we were able to make children from South America to Novosibirsk happy.

From a bakery to an all-round supplier

Even at this time it was clear to Hans Huber that he wanted to be more than just a baked goods and chocolate producer for PKU patients. Then as now, the goal was to be an all-round supplier with a large selection of low-protein foods and thus not only save time and money for all PKU sufferers.

Their life should be “as normal as possible” and the limitations of the PKU diet should be reduced as much as possible. As a result, the range of low-protein foods from other manufacturers grew steadily and over the years led to the huge selection that you can find here today.

Still a family business

When Hans Huber took his well-deserved retirement in 2017, Fabian Löser, Felix’s older brother, took over the PKU-Versand Huber. He knows the problems and questions of many people affected from his own experience and has since taken care of all questions and concerns of our customers.

Since this transition, the production of our low-protein foods no longer takes place in our own company, but in a regional, also family-run bakery: the Bakery Kredler from Gebenbach. You can find more information about our production partner here. This cooperation enables us to keep the quality of our products high despite the enormous production quantities now and to ensure that you always receive your low-protein food as it should: Fresh, tasty and fast!

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