Our benefits program

We know from our own experience that life with PKU can often be particularly stressful for those affected and their families. This is exactly why we developed our benefit program together with St. Michael pharmacy in Amberg.

Deliver amino acid mixtures directly to your home

This enables you to have your prescribed amino acid mixtures and GMP preparations delivered directly to your home – without having to drive to the pharmacy, without queuing and without lugging the heavy parcels.

Free shipping for groceries &
many more advantages

If you take part in our benefit program, you will not only receive the amino acid mixtures delivered to your home free of charge, but also all the food that you order from us in our online shop – forever! You also receive a 10% discount on all non-prescription drugs at our partner pharmacy, which you can easily order when ordering your amino acid mixtures. This not only saves you time, but also money!

It’s that easy

To participate in the benefits program, please proceed as follows:

1. Please send your prescription for the prescribed amino acid mixtures by post to the following address:

St. Michael Apotheke Amberg
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 16
92224 Amberg

Optionally, you can also send a copy of the prescription directly to the pharmacy by email:

2. If you would like to order groceries in addition to the amino acid mixtures, please simply enclose a completed order form with the recipe. Alternatively, you can send us the prescription by email or phone so that we can activate your conditions directly in the online shop. As soon as this is done, you can always place your food orders directly in the online shop.

With your order you will then receive a prepaid envelope with which you can send follow-up prescriptions to the St. Michael pharmacy free of charge.


Then contact us directly now!

Attention: For legal reasons we can unfortunately only offer our benefits program to our customers within Germany.

Call us – we will be happy
to help you personally!
09621 / 897 98 59

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our benefits program, the advantages and the procedure! We are looking forward to your contact.

St Michael Apotheke Amberg