Order deadline& Info about bread, rolls and pastries

As with all traditionally handcrafted baked goods, freshness is the decisive criterion for taste and enjoyment in our specially low-protein baked goods.

We have therefore specially marked all of our fresh baked goods for you in our online shop. Please note the following information for all products with the delivery information tag shipping on next baking day:

  • These products are manufactured every week from Monday to Tuesday (excluding public holidays).
  • The fresh baked goods are dispatched Tuesdays whenever possible. In weeks with particularly high order volumes (e.g. the weeks before Christmas), shipping may be delayed.
  • The order deadline for dispatch on Tuesday is always 4 p.m. on the previous Monday (excluding public holidays).
  • If Monday is a public holiday, the order deadline will be shifted to Tuesday 4:00 p.m. and shipping to Wednesday.
  • If Tuesday is a public holiday, shipping will be postponed to Wednesday.
  • Orders will not be split. If fresh baked goods are ordered together with immediately available products, the order will be held back until the fresh baked goods are ready for dispatch.
  • Fresh baked goods are packed in the marked packaging units in a protective atmosphere and can be kept for 14 days without being refrigerated.
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