Production since 2017

Since 2017, our low-protein baked goods have no longer been manufactured in our own company, but by our production partner, Bäcker & Konditorei Kredler from Gebenbach. The significantly larger production capacities, the high quality craftsmanship of the baked goods and the enormous commitment of the owners for our PKU baked goods were decisive for us in choosing the production partner.

Traditional production

As before, our baked goods are traditionally made by hand and not industrially. Production takes place in a separate shift from regular day-to-day business in order to completely rule out mix-ups or mix-ups and to ensure our high quality standard.

Craft & regionality

The bakery of the Bäckerei & Konditorei Kredler is only a few minutes away from our company headquarters. This spatial proximity and the associated short distances not only protect the environment, but also allow us to react very flexibly to our customers’ inquiries. n combination with the high quality craftsmanship, the Bäckerei & Konditorei Kredler is the ideal partner for us to supply you with delicious, low-protein baked goods!

Unser Produktionspartner für eiweißarme Lebensmittel
Produktion von eiweißarmen Lebensmitteln